Mountain Biking in India

Mountain Biking in Ladakh
Mountain Biking in Ladakh

About Mountain Biking

One who has ever tried mountain biking will be thrilled by it's sheer excitement. The moment you sit down on the saddle and started pedaling, it will be an obsession for you to perfect the art of mountain biking. The Great Indian Himalayas enclose some of the best cycling escapades that a cyclist looks for in its adventure trip. Himalayan Biking in India works as a pretty good adventure experience for those who love to explore the unbeaten tracks and not so frequently visited paths.

Mountain Biking Places in India

Mountain Biking in Garhwal
Riding a mountain bike in Garhwal Himalaya can become an adventure if you actually adore looking for glorious surroundings. No it's not like a Tour de France! But can be quite an expedition to bring out that explorer from you. Peak Adventure Tours enclose some of the best cycling escapades that a cyclist looks for in its adventure trip in Garhwal.

Mountain Biking in Ladakh
The best destination of mountain biking exploration among the Indian higher regions is Ladakh with numerous unspoiled areas, which are a little off-track because their high altitude location makes them unapproachable for the usual holidaymakers. The journey from Manali to Leh, 475 km is one of the definitive challenges for the mountain bikers. The route traverse four high passes with an accumulated altitude gain exceeding 29,000 feet-the equivalent of cycling to the summit of Mt. Everest from sea level.

Mountain Biking in Himachal
There are plenty of easy introductory mountain biking trails also available in the parts of Jammu, Kangra, Una, Hamirpur and Bilaspur in Himachal, and Almora, Nanital, Ranikhet, Rishikesh, and Mussoorie in Uttaranchal.

Mountain Biking in Sikkim
One of the adventure product that Sikkim offers in Mountain biking. The rugged and dramatic terrain of Sikkim Himalayas offer sure and exiting biking trails to the adventure lovers. The beauty of countryside, flora & Fauna & lifestyle of Sikkimese people is beat experience on a bike's seat as you meander through lush green hills and dales.


Safety Requirements

There are a lot of ways to improve mountain bike safety. Some will argue, including myself, that wearing a helmet is the single most important step you can take. However, the second most important step should never be overlooked; you should always ride in control. Riding in control not only helps prevent crashes, it keeps others on the trail safe as well. When you ride out of control, you loose the ability to adjust to the terrain and environment as you pass through it. This can and does lead to dangerous crashes and injury to yourself and others. Mountain biking is inherently dangerous and we all like to push the limits sometimes, but there is a fine line between pushing the limits safely and pushing them recklessly. Follow these steps to stay safe on the trails and on the right side of the danger line.
Mountain Biking in Himachal
Mountain Biking in Himachal

Gear Up
Always wear a helmet and any other appropriate safety equipment for the riding conditions.

Never Ride Beyond Your Abilities
There is no shame in walking sections of the trail you don't feel confident enough to ride, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Use Appropriate Equipment for the Terrain
Some bikes are better for different situations. Just because you can see tire tracks, doesn't mean you can ride it with your bike.

Keep Your Speed In Check
Always keep your speed at a level that will allow you to adjust to any unforeseen obstacles or changes in trail conditions.

Know The Trail
Never push the limits on a trail you are not familiar with. You need to get to know the trail you are riding at slower speeds before you can ride it like the trails you're used to.

Slow Down for Blind Corners
You never know what or who is around a corner when you can't see past it.


Stop and Look
Stop and look at sections of the trail that look like they may pose a challenge before you ride them.


Plan on the Crash
Always look at the consequences of crashing in a particular section or on a particular stunt before trying to ride through it. Sometimes a section can look easy to ride but can have deadly consequences to a crash.

Mountain Biking in Sikkim
Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Start Small, Go Big
Work your way up to obstacles and stunts. Find ways to practice moves in less difficult and dangerous situations or at lower speeds before committing yourself to something more dangerous.

Play It Smart
If you think what you are doing is not the smartest, you are probably right. Think about what you are doing and trust your instincts.

Best time to go for Mountain Biking

The best season to try out the Indian mountain biking experience in India is from October till December. For the experienced cyclists the higher region cycling tracks include Trans Himalayan tracks of Lahual, Spiti and Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh; Garhwal and Kumaon in Uttaranchal; Sikkim, Ladakh and Kashmir and Northeastern region.


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